The Power of Peppermint

Winter is here, and with it comes the holiday season of peppermints and candy canes! Peppermint is one of nature's most powerful herbal remedies, which is why it is found in many of our herbal blends. 
The following are only 5 of the MANY reasons you should be adding peppermint into your health regime, preferably through a delicious cup of Tea Blendz's Peppermint Tea



1. Stomach Pain - Peppermint can assist with irritable bowel syndrome, nausea, stomachaches, diarrhea or constipation. People often find it easier to consume peppermint tea rather than a candy, because it does not contain sugar that may further irritate the stomach.

2. Cavities and Bad BreathPeppermint oil extract has been shown to be even more powerful than the  chemical chlorhexidine, found in over the counter mouthwashes. Peppermint is superior in decreasing the formation of the biofilms that cause cavities. Peppermint leaves have also been used throughout history to freshen breath and whiten teeth. 

3.  Relieve Stress - The smell and taste of peppermint have been known to help reduce stress. Drinking peppermint tea before will help you sleep more easily at night because of its stress-relieving properties. 

4. Boosts Immune System - Many drink peppermint tea when they are suffering from the cold or flu. Peppermint tea is packed full of calcium, vitamin B and potassium - all which work to boost our immune systems. Mixed together, these ingredients  help to relieve the symptoms of illness and prevent future colds and flu.

5. Fever Reducer: Peppermint tea has "cooling" menthol as a main component, which means drinking the tea will cause external sweating, while the menthol cools down your body inside. This essentially “breaks” a fever, and can reduce the associated discomfort.

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