Storing Your Favourite Teas - Knowing the Facts

If you have bought fine teas you’ll want to be sure you store them properly, once you get them home.

Let us tell you why!

Tea is hygroscopic; that is, it absorbs moisture from the air and in addition to moisture it also absorbs odours and fragrances, which are in close proximity. Even though you have put your tea in a well-sealed container, it is best not to store it near anything that is highly fragrant, such as coffee, cinnamon or other fragrant spices.  

 “It is truly a shame when your favourite tea begins to tastes just like coffee, because it was convenient to put them in the same cabinet.”

A general rule of thumb is that most teas should be consumed within a year or so of being purchased.  This is not because tea goes bad, but rather because it will lose it flavour over time.  Matcha, is the exception to the rule, it should be used within three months or so upon opening.  

Storing your favourite Tea

 Store all of your favourite Tea Blendz teas away from light in a cool dry place, at room temperature and in an opaque airtight container. The container can be a ceramic canister, a tin, a foil pouch or non-permeable bag. 

Moisture is detrimental to a delicate tea leaf, once wet, it begins to mold and decay. For this reason, we do not recommend storing tea in the refrigerator or freezer because continual opening and closing of the door relates to temperature differentials which causes rapid changes in humidity. This spike in humidity allows moisture to seep into the tea and robs the leaves of their flavour.

When properly stored, your favourite loose-leaf teas can remain untainted, fresh, and enjoyable.

Tea Blendz Tea Tin


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Paulina Wojtowicz
Paulina Wojtowicz


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