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Tea Blendz Twilight Tea

Twilight Tea 

We all have those days that feel like they are taking years to finish. From the noise, to the chatter, your mind never settling. There is so much stimulation during the day that its hard to calm down at night. So here we are introducing you a brilliant method to do just that. Tea Blendz's Twilight Tea is composed with Ayurveda methods in mind. These herbs aid to calm us down, relieve stress & part ways with any anxiety.

One particular herb - Valerian - is probably the most interesting to read about!! Commonly medicine is actually made from its root and it has several well-known benefits. It is said that Valerian helps to relieve conditions connected to psychological anxiety and stress like upset stomach, headaches, & nervousness!

Another awesome benefit Valerian root has is its ability to help with insomnia. You can even add it to your bath water which helps with restlessness for a better night’s sleep. Most often it is paired with other well-known herbs for sleeping disorders however; scientific studies are inconclusive on its affect for sleeping disorders.

A nice feature for this tea and ingredient, regarding women, is that is Valerian can actually be used for menstrual cramps and symptoms associated with menopause, like hot flashes and anxiety. 

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