Tea Dye - Have You Ever?

Tea has become something very special to me because its uses are almost endless. Not only is tea my go to beverage in replacement of coffee, juice, pop and enhances of course water but it can also be used in your cooking /baking, garden and yes even your wardrobe.

*Please note I didn't use the undergarments as such in the details below, but rather substituted for a white t-shirt to demonstrate the effect of Tea Dye.*

A friend of mine a few years back was getting married on a beach. She got this beautiful light creamy colored dress as opposed to your traditional white ensemble. She looked stunning. The day before her wedding we are ticking of everything we needed for the next morning, dress, shoes, and accessories and of course under garments. At the time we didn’t think much of it but on the beach in the sun and in that light creamy flowing dress all we could see is a white bra, white panties. Now a normal person would have just walked to the nearest store and bought something in a cream color and be done with it. Well, being hours away from the nearest store we didn’t have that option and at the time of the dress fitting with the store lighting we didn’t much notice the garments peeking out from under the dress. Thankfully my crafty and inventive grandmother suggested tea. Black tea to be more specific. We headed over to our cabins kitchen and fished out the many bags of earl grey tea each of us never forget to pack. Tea is served breakfast, lunch, and dinner in my family so there is always some nearby. Using about 4 tea bags in 1 litre of hot water we steeped the black tea and watched the water transform into what we used as fabric dye. We let the tea cool for a few minutes and placed the garments directly into the tea. After about 20 minutes we removed the clothing and viola light creamy colored garments. No rinsing of the clothing is required simply hang to dry and your good to go. This also works for any white blouses you may have which have yellowed around the under arm area over time, or you simply would like to change the look of some of your clothing. I have gotten the best results using light and airy materials to soak in black tea and the end product is truly unique.

So the next time you need a fabric quick fix or want to bring a blouse back to life tea may just be all you need. If you want to see what i mean, just take a look below!

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