Boosting Your Immune System with TEA

The idea of a worldwide pandemic was unthinkable in our modern day society, however, with the emergence of the COVID-19 virus that rather naive perspective has forever been changed.

To imagine that within the last 90 days the human race has been brought to our knees by a microscopic organism 40 times smaller than a speck of dust... 40 times! 

Science will eventually formulate, test and approve a vaccine to combat COVID-19 and until such time there are many things we can do to help slow down it's catastrophic power. Practicing social distancing, proper hand hygiene, staying isolated when we're under the weather and maintaining a healthy immune system are few to speak of.  To which I would like to focus your attention on boosting your immune system.

 Eat... Drink... Sleep and Exercise.  Seems simple enough, right?

1) EAT RIGHT, means cutting out processed, fried, refined sugars and chemical rich foods.  These tempting but toxic goodies cause your body to do unnecessary and excessive work trying to expel them.  Instead follow mom's advice and go green, no that doesn't mean go out and buy a hybrid car, it means eat more salads, vegetables and fruit. Include the super foods such as garlic, garlic and more garlic...  studies have proven that garlic is a very potent immune system booster. It also aids in social distancing. ; )  

2) DRINKS FLUIDS, sorry beer and soda pop don't make the cut. Concentrate on drinks high in antioxidants such as green tea. There is strong evidence that green, yellow, white, chamomile and oolong teas are loaded with antioxidants which help strengthen immune system. 

3) QUALITY SLEEP, goes without saying... between 6 to 8 hours of good sound sleep does not only the immune system wonders, but it also helps our mental health. 


4) STAYING FIT, a light exercise program such as walking, stretching and yoga aid in keeping your immune system healthy and more importantly, on a "state of alert", for lack of a better term.   

Stay safe... Stay calm... Stay healthy... DRINK TEA


Kelly Scherger
Kelly Scherger