Bringing to Life Tea's Unique Merits

Alright... As per usual here we are taking Tea time to the next level.
Since we already know sipping a cup of tea has super beneficial effects for our bodies, not many people are familiar with cooking and/or baking with tea.. just like how the actual act of combining tea with food dates as far back as tea itself.
Historically the consumption of the fresh pungent leaves was an act to supplement diets- providing necessary vitamins, nutrients and polyphenols.
In addition the theanine/caffeine was a stimulate. 


"Not only are we eating something delicious
but we are getting the full benefits of the tea as well,
without actually drinking a cup" 


This holiday season, we teamed up with an extraordinarily crafty friend of ours, Arno, from Arno's Fine French Pastry to help us create a delicious birthday vision
 he made all our cake dreams come true!
Bringing to life tea's unique merits, he used hot tea extraction, combined it with the ingredients and viola!
An exquisite display for the eye-as well as the pallet we couldn't have asked for better results!

Paulina Wojtowicz
Paulina Wojtowicz


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