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Hello all!!! Today I am sharing with you 2 pieces I completed for Paulina Wojtowicz /TEA BLENDZ loose leaf tea distributing company. All free handed, original work done with acrylic paint. *Unfortunately the photos lost some quality (and therefore detail) when they were uploaded.

Thank you, and happy sipping, friends! 😄☕️ - Klara

Klara Biernacki painting

I will be explaining the painting in 3 sections; top left, top right, and the bottom.

Top left: As tea originates from China, I decided to include (minimal) cherry blossom branches in the painting. A sexy lady has fallen into a tea cup! Next to her, a sexy Latin male rides the waves of life (lol). Underneath we have Alice and her friends, and more cherry blossom branches are found to be holding up the tea cups or wrapping around the sign, which points us in a few directions, including towards the top right of the painting!

Top right: As the sign suggests, a loose leaf tea blend is being sprinkled into a golden spiral abyss where ..

Bottom: ..Alice experiences time travel as she falls into a "parallel universe" :p A cosmic galaxy is presented at the bottom with trees lined all around. *Similar to my "Lunar Lovin" piece, it is possible to rotate this 360 degrees (or upside down) and still have an image as the trees are mirrored*. - Klara Biernacki


Klara Biernacki

"This quote was provided, I presented it in a font I felt was fitting, and threw in some of the Alice and Wonderland characters. All free handed, done with acrylic paint!"

- Klara Biernacki



These painting are as unique, mesmerizing and "mad hatter-ish" , as the staff who makeup our business... in short, they are the perfect fit thank-you so very much.  

- Paulina Wojtowicz

Paulina Wojtowicz
Paulina Wojtowicz


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