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Beautiful woman lying on a bedAccording to the experts, green tea may aid in everything from losing weight to fighting cancer and warding off Alzheimer’s. Green tea has become the popular drink of choice among people from all walks of life; however, very few people are aware of the amazing benefits of green tea and how it intertwines with their love life. Yes, the secret to great sex lies in the popular tea, which can spice things up and keep things exciting, even in the bedroom.


Green tea has been shown to increase libido in women, counterbalancing the effects that aging has on women’s sexual health. One of the active ingredients in green tea is L-Theanine, a mineral that has been shown to increase the level of dopamine in the body. Dopamine also referred to as the “feel good” chemical, increases attraction and activates the pleasure center of the brain that encourages sexual activity. 

 L-Theanine also helps to clear the mind—helping you think more clearly and be more “in the moment” while having sex. This natural stimulant has been credited with being the natural alternative to libido stimulating drugs and is quickly becoming the aphrodisiac of choice.

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Some people add ginseng to their green tea, a mineral that has long been known to increase sexual energy and stamina. Ginseng is a naturally-occurring mineral and is also known to increase the levels of the dopamine neurotransmitter in the brain. Ginseng can make sex more intense and last longer. You can add ginseng in powdered form to your steeped tea, or take it in pill form before drinking the tea. This will give sex an almost magical quality as it will be more intense and long lasting.

This will give sex an almost magical quality as it will be more intense and long lasting.


Many men have used ginseng for yearsMany men have used ginseng for years in order to gain and maintain strong erections. Mixing ginseng and green tea will simply intensify the performance for both male and female partners.


The jury is out about how much green tea powder you should use in a day. Experts have reported that people start to feel the benefits of the tea after just one cup. The more of the tea that you drink or ingest, the more it will affect you. If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure or are taking blood thinners, consult your physician before using the tea.

Take the time to enjoy a couple cups of green tea or matcha about thirty minutes to an hour before sexual activity in order to enjoy the best results.

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This will allow the tea to work its way through your system and start working before you are ready for sex. The tea can also help you to maintain your stamina, making sex more enjoyable for both partners.

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Kelly Scherger
Kelly Scherger


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