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January 03, 2017


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January 2017 - Hot Tea Month

This January help us celebrate Hot Tea Month by posting photos of your favorite moments enjoying tea. From now until January 31, 2017, we’ll be collecting photos of yourself with friends or family enjoying the benefits of tea or an original lifestyle shot that best represents your unique relationship with tea. Get creative and start sharing today! The top three shutterbugs will win some very cool tea accessories by Breville.


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September 30, 2016


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5 Benefits of Green Tea We Bet You Didn't Know

When someone says "green tea" most of us immediately think of the word "healthy." It is a well known fact that green tea has been used as medicine for thousands of years in Asia, but besides fat burning and weight loss - what does green tea really do?

The following is a list of 5 amazing benefits of green tea we bet you didn't know:

Improves Eyesight

The antioxidants found in green tea can actually penetrate eye tissues and produce antioxidant activity. Catechins, an antioxidant in green tea, are capable of being absorbed into the tissues of the eye. Several studies have even found that green tea can prevent cataract-induced blindness.

Reduces Allergies

Do you suffer from springtime allergies? Drinking the green liquid may provide some relief, as it's been proven to be anti-allergenic.  

2007 study published in the journal Cytotechnology found that green tea catechins can reduce pollen allergies. A specific compound, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), appears to be the most potent. In addition, Quercetin, a naturally occurring flavonol in tea, can also alleviate allergy attacks. 

UV Protection

Packing for a tropical vacation? Make sure to add a few bags of green tea to your suitcase. The catechins in green tea make the skin more resistant to the effects of UV rays and therefore premature aging. These catechins can also lead to reduced skin redness after sun exposure.

Keeps Teeth and Gums Healthy

We know what you are thinking - tea stains teeth. This is true, however according to a 2009 study published in the Journal of Periodontology, drinking green tea showed an adverse effect on periodontal disease.

Tea Blendz picture of a Healthy ToothRegularly consuming green tea reduced symptoms of periodontal disease, once again due to the presence of catechin.  Catechin reduces inflammation in the body, therefore interfering with the body’s inflammatory response to periodontal bacteria. Its ability to control bacteria and dental plaque makes it useful for preventing cavities and other indicators of poor oral health. 

Lowers Cholesterol

We live in a world where greasy food is almost too accessible. Replacing unhealthy snacks and drinks with green tea could actually help keep down cholesterol levels. Green tea’s powerful antioxidant, EGCG, has been proven to stop the absorption of cholesterol from the large intestine.

With all these amazing benefits, why wouldn't you add drinking green tea to your daily regime?

At Tea Blendz, Edmonton's distributor of high quality loose leaf teas, we have over 40 types of green tea and matcha. Get some today!

Health Benefits: Rooibos - who knew it was so awesome?

  1. Heart-Healthy Rooibos tea contains chrysoeriols, a flavonoid with high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This substance improves the blood circulation and also reduces bad LDL level. Consequently, reduces the risk of cardiovascular ailments.
  2. Soothe Tired Eyes Working for hours on the computer certainly puts a strain on your eyes. To refresh your sore eyes, simply wash them with lukewarm rooibos tea. Or else, soak a clean washcloth in the herbal decoction and wipe the eye area with it. Besides, placing a frozen tea bag on the eyes also give relief.
  3. Combats Free Radicals Rooibos tea is rich in antioxidants that protect cells from the harmful effects of free radicals. Thus, keep several critical diseases at bay. Besides, it promotes multiplication of healthy cells.
  4. Normalizes the Digestive System Rooibos tea acts as an antispasmodic agent that helps activate the potassium ions in the body. Thus, eases stomach cramps and abdominal pain. It relieves a person from diarrhea, vomiting and helps combats colitis. Have a cup of Rooibos tea 30 minutes before having your food to reap its benefits. It will prepare your digestive system well.
  5. Reduces Severity of Diabetic Complications Regular consumption of rooibos tea helps treat the after-effects of diabetes. This herbal decoction can suppress the oxidative stress that leads to the diabetic vascular complications. The presence of antioxidants in this shrub gives anti-diabetic effects on the body.
  6. Promotes FertilityThe antioxidant in this beverage stimulates the production of healthy sperms and improves sperm count. Besides, rooibos tea is also suggested for pregnant ladies, since it helps the body in absorbing iron (an essential mineral for would-be moms).
  7. De-stress Your Mind Rooibos tea relieves a person from hypertension. This caffeine- free beverage lowers the cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the body. So, drink a cup of this tea to de-stress yourself.
  8. Strong Bones and Healthy Teeth Rooibos tea is well off with manganese, calcium, and fluoride, which are highly required minerals for maintaining bones and teeth healthy. Manganese leads to stimulation of enzymes that increases the bone mass, while calcium strengthens the bones. On the other hand, fluoride protects your teeth from cavities.
  9. Prevents Respiratory Disorders A bronchodilator is a substance that helps dilate the bronchi and bronchioles in the respiratory tract and encourages improved airflow into the lungs. Rooibos tea is a bronchodilator by nature, regular consumption of which will keep respiratory disorders at bay.
  10. Anti-cancer The antioxidants in the rooibos are full of anti-mutagenic properties that safeguard the DNA and cells from any damage and inhibit the growth of cancerous cells.
  11. Post Workout Energy Beverage Being inflammatory in nature, rooibos eases post-exercise muscle pain. This herbal infusion has high nutrient value. The presence of various minerals like zinc, calcium, manganese, magnesium, etc. make Rooibos tea a very good supplement. After effects of rooibos tea are similar to that of coffee even without the caffeine content.
  12. Treats Insomnia Sip a cup of refreshing rooibos tea before you hit the bed to encourage peaceful sleep. You may also substitute over-the-counter drugs with this soothing herbal decoction. Also, it treats disturbed sleeping patterns, and headaches that may hamper sound sleep.
  13. Heal Liver Diseases  Rooibos tea stimulates the proper functioning of a liver. It helps revitalize the liver tissues and prevents fatty liver disease.
  14. Prevents Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases Lipid per-oxidation is a process in which free radicals damages nerve tissues and brain cells. This process gradually leads to several diseases, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Rooibos tea, if consumed on a daily basis, can protect your body from such harmful effects.
  15. Boost Immunity The herbal infusion brewed from rooibos extract is packed with abundant minerals that boost up the immune system. Regular usage of this drink keeps several health problems at bay and regulates proper functioning of the body.
  16. Fights HIV Extracts of rooibos tea produce antigen-specific antibodies. These antibodies defend the body against HIV that hampers the immune system and causes life-threatening disease, like AIDS.
  17. Treats Gout This caffeine-free beverage limits the concentration of uric acid in the body. Consequently, helps alleviate the problem of gout to a major extent.
  18. Lustrous and Healthy Locks The rooibos tea is well off with numerous minerals, like zinc, copper, calcium and potassium that strengthen your hair and helps maintain beautiful strands. Consumption of rooibos tea on regular basis fastens the hair growth. Polyphenols present in it soften your hair and add shine to them. Besides, the anti-inflammatory properties do away the problem of dandruff.
  19. Repairs Tanned Skin The antioxidants present in Rooibos tea improve the blood circulation that leads to the formation of new cells; thus, repair tanned skin. Sip a cup of rooibos tea regularly for keeping your skin healthy.
  20. Anti-aging The rooibos tea is rich in an enzyme called super-oxide dismutase that promotes the generation of healthy cells. It inhibits the ageing process and keeps your skin younger. Also, this substance neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals.
  21. Treats Skin Disorders The rooibos tea prevents frequent acne breakouts and also treats other skin ailments, like eczema. It consists of zinc and alpha hydroxyl acid, which helps eradicate ugly pimples.  Individuals, who experience any skin related problems, can either drink the rooibos concoction or apply the herbal paste on the affected skin surface. Both of these methods will significantly reduce acne and give you a flawless skin.

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Featured Tea: Tea Blendz Vamoose Cold

teablendz vamoose cold herbal tea

Blended specially for the common head cold, this delicious lemon and ginger combination is rich with full bodied flavour and is caffeine free so it won't stop you from getting the rest you need. In addition to giving your body a nutrient boost, it's the perfect beverage for relaxing in front of a roaring fire, or sitting up in bed dreaming of a healthier tomorrow.

Lemongrass grows wild in Southeast Asia and Africa. The native people of these countries have been using it for its medicinal purposes since ancient times. Thanks to its health benefits, such as - aiding in helping to prevent the growth of some bacteria and yeast - There is something in the tissues of the Lemongrass that are thought to relieve pain, reduce fever, & have antioxidant properties. The lemongrass plant has become very popular in the western hemisphere in modern days. 



Additional info: 

Luxury Ingredients: Lemongrass, Cinnamon, Ginger, Apple & Lemon pieces, Hibiscus & Cornflower petals, Stevia leaves, Clove, Black pepper, Cardamom

Cup Characteristics: Delicious lemony brightness combined with a ginger profile. Light piquant cinnamon finish.


Get some today! 

December 08, 2015


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Artisan Blooming Teas

Here at Tea Blendz we want to make sure you are getting the best out of your tea! Whether you are decorating or brewing for consumption we wanted to share some of our tips to help you see the full effect of the beautiful Tea Blendz Blooming Teas.

Ideal Brewing Temperature: 100ºC/212ºF

It is important to use water that is hot. Boiling water is required for each tea ball to open up to its full potential. If the water used is not freshly boiled the flowering tea will not develop or open up properly. Please note - all Tea Blendz Blooming Teas are handmade and the weight per bloom can vary as much as 2 grams and the visual appearance from tea ball to tea ball will be slightly different.

Hot tea brewing method - For Consumption:

Place 1 Tea Blendz Artisan Blooming Tea ball into a 3-4 cup Glass teapot or 8 cups tea press. Pour boiling water into the teapot nearly to the rim. Allow the tea to brew for at least 5 minutes. Initially the tea ball will float but during the steeping process it will sink if you have used boiling water. Once the tea ball has unravelled to its full potential the tea can be consumed. 

For a Table Decoration:

When using the bloom for this purpose, it is important to let the tea ball brew for 15 minutes or so. During this process much of the tea color that is in the tea will 'steep out'. Place 1 Tea Blendz tea bloom into a large cup or mug. Pour in the water and make sure that the freshly boiled water is nearly to the top of the rim. Allow the tea to brew for at least 15 minutes (you will see the tea bloom and the flowers appear). After the 15-20 minutes take a spoon and very gently lift the bloom out of the cup/mug (wait 10-20 seconds so the tea water can drain off) and transfer the limp looking bloom to a wine glass 7/8th's full of cold water. Voila - a flowering tea ball centerpiece. [It is important to use cold water in the wine glass as the tea will not continue to brew and discolor the visual appearance. The tea ball will last for the whole day - perhaps 2 days depending upon the conditions.

Iced tea brewing method:

Not generally consumed iced but if you do: Place 3 Tea Blendz tea blooms into a heat resistant pitcher. Using filtered or freshly drawn cold water, boil and pour 1¼ cups/315ml over the tea. Steep for 5 minutes. Quarter fill a serving pitcher with cold water. Place the tea into your serving pitcher straining the tea. Add ice and top-up the pitcher with cold water. Garnish and sweeten to taste. A rule of thumb when preparing fresh brewed iced tea is to increase the strength of hot tea by using more tea, since it will be poured over ice and diluted with cold water. (Note: Some luxury quality teas may turn cloudy when poured over ice. This is a sign of luxury quality and nothing to worry about.)



More antioxidants are extracted from tea (L. Camellia Sinesis), or rooibos (Asphalatus Linearis), the longer it is brewed….and the more tea, the greater the antioxidant benefit.


October 27, 2015


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Delicious Matcha Smoothie

Need an easy pick-me-up for your commute to work?  Try this easy morning smoothie full of your daily dose of Tea Blendz Matcha.

  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 cup cubed frozen mango
  • ½ cup plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 tsp Tea Blendz Matcha green tea
  • 1 tbsp unsulphured blackstrap molasses
  • 1 cup almond milk

  • Enjoy!
  • October 24, 2015


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    What is Pu-Erh Tea?

    Tea Blendz Pu-Erh tea

    Tea Blendz Pu-erh Tea (pronounced POO-air) is the most oxidized form of tea and often aged.  Some pu-erh teas are more than 50 years old, and rare ones sell for many thousands of dollars in Asian specialty stores.  Unlike other teas, which get stale over time, pu-erh can mellow and improve with age like fine wine.  

    You brew Tea Blendz pu-erh tea the same as you would brew our black and oolong teas. Heat good quality water to a vigorous boil.  Pour the water over the tea leaves (which can be loose or in a tea ball or strainer), wait 10 seconds, then discard the water.  This "opens" the leaves.  Add more water and steep long enough to develop color and flavor but not so long that the tea will taste bitter.  For pu-erh, two to five minutes is best.  Depending on the variety, the color of the brewed tea can be pale yellow, golden, red, or dark brown.  Some brewed pu-erh varieties look like coffee and taste very earthy, but connoisseurs often dismiss these as low quality.  You can reuse good quality tea leaves several times; tea lovers say that the subsequent infusions taste better and better.

    Because it is fully oxidized, pu-erh has a lower antioxidant content than Tea Blendz's white or green tea, but Asian cultures credit it with many health benefits, especially promotion of weight loss, reduction of serum cholesterol, and cardiovascular protection.  Some research suggests that pu-erh may help lower cholesterol and reduce heart disease risk, wherein a Chinese study published in 2009, showed a measurable lowering of LDL ("bad") cholesterol and triglyceride levels, along with an increase in HDL ("good" cholesterol).  We know that tea, in general, is protective against heart disease and cancer. 

    "I am a great fan of quality pu-erh and have had the good fortune to sample some exquisite varieties during my travels in China. Fortunately, good pu-erh is becoming easier to find in this country.  Exploring these complex, venerable teas is a healthy and rewarding pursuit that I highly recommend."

    Andrew Weil, M.D.