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January 03, 2017


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January 2017 - Hot Tea Month

This January help us celebrate Hot Tea Month by posting photos of your favorite moments enjoying tea. From now until January 31, 2017, we’ll be collecting photos of yourself with friends or family enjoying the benefits of tea or an original lifestyle shot that best represents your unique relationship with tea. Get creative and start sharing today! The top three shutterbugs will win some very cool tea accessories by Breville.


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Tea Blendz Featured Tea: Twilight Tea

Tea Blendz Twilight Tea

Twilight Tea 

We all have those days that feel like they are taking years to finish. From the noise, to the chatter, your mind never settling. There is so much stimulation during the day that its hard to calm down at night. So here we are introducing you a brilliant method to do just that. Tea Blendz's Twilight Tea is composed with Ayurveda methods in mind. These herbs aid to calm us down, relieve stress & part ways with any anxiety.

One particular herb - Valerian - is probably the most interesting to read about!! Commonly medicine is actually made from its root and it has several well-known benefits. It is said that Valerian helps to relieve conditions connected to psychological anxiety and stress like upset stomach, headaches, & nervousness!

Another awesome benefit Valerian root has is its ability to help with insomnia. You can even add it to your bath water which helps with restlessness for a better night’s sleep. Most often it is paired with other well-known herbs for sleeping disorders however; scientific studies are inconclusive on its affect for sleeping disorders.

A nice feature for this tea and ingredient, regarding women, is that is Valerian can actually be used for menstrual cramps and symptoms associated with menopause, like hot flashes and anxiety. 

 Ingredients: Twilight Tea | Tea Blendz

January 21, 2016

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Ayurveda - What is it? What does it do? Why is it in my tea?

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is one of the oldest holistic forms of medicine known to man and originated over 5000 years ago in India. The word 'Ayurveda' is a Sanskrit word that consists of two words. 'Ayur', which means lifespan and word ‘Veda’, means knowledge/understanding or science. Ayurveda, literally means the science of life and longevity, which is based on belief that health and wellness depend on a subtle balance between mind, body, and spirit. In western countries, Ayurveda is considered to be alternative medicine.

Ayurveda is a holistic approach that focuses on supporting good health to prevent illness and treat diseases. Ayurveda suggests the true meaning behind diagnosis and provides you with a bunch of therapies that emphasize on prevention, cleansing, and an all around safe, natural form of health care. 

The Concept:

Everything in the universe (living or not) is linked meaning Good health is when your mind, body, and spirit are in harmony with the universe. A disturbance of this “harmony” equates or leads to poor health and sickness. In Ayurveda theory, every person is made of a combination of the five elements found in the universe: Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth. These elements- in the human body- form three life forces or energies, called doshas and Doshas control how your body works. The three doshas are:

  • Vata dosha (space and air)
  • Pitta dosha (fire and water)
  • Kapha dosha (water and earth)

Everyone has a unique mix of the three doshas. Like most other things one dosha is usually more dominant and each dosha controls a different body function. It is believed that once these doshas are unbalanced, sickness comes easily.

Why do we use Ayurveda in herbal teas?

The method of Ayurveda basically cleanses our systems from toxins and specific herbs & spices are used as ‘cleansers’. Ayurveda teas are used to help balance your doshas. Some teas can obviously favor a certain dosha, but for the most part the teas regulate and keep your body and mind in a state of peace/harmony. Simple recipes can help improve digestion, increase metabolism, eliminate toxins, increase energy, help brain function, improve memory, and most important these teas help you feel healthier! Don't forget to view our health teas today!

Fierce Fenugreek

Fenu...what? Fenugreek! Also known as methi, fenugreek is a very important ingredient in Indian households. It is used in almost every preparation of curry, dal or paratha. So why does this culture use it so much? Fenugreek seeds and leaves are jam packed with medicinal properties and health benefits. Here the top 5 reasons why you should add this spice your diet.

1) Digestion - fenugreek is rich in fibre and antioxidants. When ingested, it helps remove harmful toxins from the body, aiding in digestion. Adding fenugreek seeds to your tea, will help relieve indigestion and stomach pain. 

2.) Weightloss - add fenugreek to your weightloss diet by chewing soaked methi seeds in the morning on an empty stomach. The natural fibre in the fenugreek will swell and fill your stomach,  suppressing your appetite and aiding your weightloss goals.

3) Increases Breast Milk Production - fenugreek ranks high among the ‘must haves’ for new mothers. The steroid diosgenin in the spice acts to increase milk production in lactating mothers. 

4) Helps Prevent Colon Cancer - The fibre in fenugreek binds to toxins in food and flushes them out. Removing toxins helps protect the mucus membrane of the colon from cancer.

5) Soothes Sore Throat and Reduces Fevers - when taken with a spoonful of lemon and honey, fenugreek works wonders to reduce fever by nourishing the body. The soothing effect of mucilage in this powerful herb also helps to reduce coughing and throat pain.

Add some fenugreek to your tea today!

Featured Tea: Tea Blendz Vamoose Cold

teablendz vamoose cold herbal tea

Blended specially for the common head cold, this delicious lemon and ginger combination is rich with full bodied flavour and is caffeine free so it won't stop you from getting the rest you need. In addition to giving your body a nutrient boost, it's the perfect beverage for relaxing in front of a roaring fire, or sitting up in bed dreaming of a healthier tomorrow.

Lemongrass grows wild in Southeast Asia and Africa. The native people of these countries have been using it for its medicinal purposes since ancient times. Thanks to its health benefits, such as - aiding in helping to prevent the growth of some bacteria and yeast - There is something in the tissues of the Lemongrass that are thought to relieve pain, reduce fever, & have antioxidant properties. The lemongrass plant has become very popular in the western hemisphere in modern days. 



Additional info: 

Luxury Ingredients: Lemongrass, Cinnamon, Ginger, Apple & Lemon pieces, Hibiscus & Cornflower petals, Stevia leaves, Clove, Black pepper, Cardamom

Cup Characteristics: Delicious lemony brightness combined with a ginger profile. Light piquant cinnamon finish.


Get some today!