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Tea Blendz is a labour of love. We are a young and vibrant company that specializes in the sale of high end loose leaf teas and tea accessories. Our goal is to revolutionize the way people think about tea by providing a hip, fun and flavourful tea drinking experience.

We source the highest quality and most unique blends of tea in the market. Our flavoured teas in particular are beautifully blended with fruits and herbs to create the most delicious beverages.

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Why make the switch?

Tea is the new "it"! With the increased awareness of the health benefits associated with drinking tea, more and more Canadians are switching to tea as the beverage of choice. According to the Tea Association of Canada, Canadians drink almost 9 billion cups of tea each year, which equals roughly 270 cups for each Canadian. While traditional black tea is still the preferred type, a wide variety of specialty teas (herbal, green, white) are increasingly being consumed in Canada.

According to the Tea Association of Canada, most Canadians still consume tea at home, quoting 'lack of quality' in restaurants and eating establishments as the primary reason. With the continuing growth of the specialty tea market, more consumers are aware of what constitutes 'good quality tea.'

If you already have a tea bag program in place, think about the benefits of serving specialty loose leaf tea. The cost per cup is comparable to tea bags, and the freshness and variety is unsurpassable. We guarantee you will see the difference. Customers will have the chance to experience tea at it's finest – seeing, smelling and tasting a freshly brewed beverage before their eyes.

What we can do for you:

We offer the sale of a large variety of tea blends that are unique and carefully chosen for the satisfaction of every type of customer. We carry all tea types including Black, Green, Oolong, White, Rooibos, Herbal, Fruit, Mate and Wellness teas. Many of our teas are also organic.

We offer services for:


We offer delivery to all our clients and free consultation on 'all things tea' including brewing, latest industry trends, recipe innovation etc. Our team of tea experts will help you continue to innovate and refine your tea collection as the industry continues to change.

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